When you build a custom office or shop for your business you expect quality, personal attention, and competitive pricing.

At AlHadiint, we strive to deliver all of these, plus exceed your expectations if required.


AlHadiint is committed to providing you with detailed service whether you have one thousand-dollar project or just need a budget bid.

Our goal is to produce a quality service project on schedule for you from beginning to end.

We believe the list starts at the very beginning of the project, working with owners, architects, tenants, and subcontractors.

We desire to create a team atmosphere in our company to achieve maximum quality results that benefit everyone.


We can put our 15-year experience to work for you.

David McDonald has estimated and project managed over 600 projects in 20 years for a total of about 30 million in interior finish-out.

As an experienced registered interior designer, he has also designed many of those 650 projects taking them from concept to reality.

Your Success our Passion AlHadiint

David McDonald thoroughly understands all phases of the commercial construction process.

Because of his direct involvement with the design and construction supervision in any type of company.

We have experience in all phases of interior and exterior finish-out.

Including medical offices, general offices, retail, software houses, computer rooms, warehouse, school offices as well as renovations and additions as well.

We have completed numerous medical, office, and college projects for doctors, professionals.


Most of those projects we have designed and built for our clients in a very effective and comprehensive manner. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you in the future!

As a small company, we can provide you the kind of personal attention.

You need while using our 15 years’ experience to deliver the quality project you are looking for in the future.

Because we are a big company, we can provide you and your tenants with one or two contact people for the duration of the whole project.

Speed up response time with the client and cutting down on repeat communication with the contractor.

Firstly, using our extensive 15 years’ experience, we can also give you design and suggestions.

Which can help you achieve your design and budget goals in your periods.

Secondly, if you have an extremely tight schedule for smaller projects and need to streamline the process.

We can also assist you with construction drawings. Then brings you directly into construction for a quicker move-in for the success of your project.


Therefore, we are committed to excellence. That’s why this is shown by the pride we take in the finished product we deliver to you.

Similarly, we know that each project we complete reflects on our reputation and invitations for future work.

Therefore, we believe that a project is not complete until the owners and tenants are completely satisfied with our delivered project.

Having been building interior offices for 15 years, AlHadiint is committed to building strong and stable working relationships through excellent service.

We are taking care of your needs from small to large scale.

Therefore, our clients are the reason we exist and we look forward to working with you because Customer is the King of the Market.


If you’re looking for a skilled, competent and experienced commercial contractor in Lahore. Then you have landed at the right place.

At AlHadiint we deliver quality commercial construction services to building and business owners across Lahore. Because our past is our experience.

We have a team of skilled and experienced architects, engineers, contractors, and builders.

Who have made it their mission to innovate and excel, how construction services are delivered to clients.

We are very passionate about what we do and pay extra attention to detail of the project to meet and exceed your expectations in the future.

Because we believe in excellence and quality.

AlHadiint has a key focus on building business partnerships for life with clients.


That’s why we live and breathe the philosophy that 80% of your new business ventures slide in from the referrals of your existing happy clients.

Our principles of integrity, trust, competence, and respect are what have made us what we are today.

Most Importantly, no matter the size of the project that we are working on, a dedicated team.

The C.E.O and a panel of trusted advisors work with you.

To ensure your success effectively and economically in all construction processes.

In short, AlHadiint’s top commercial construction services have been instrumental in its growth and popularity as your trusted partner and enabler.

Based in Lahore, we are a full-service commercial construction company.

That has a bulk of successful commercial projects under their belt like PGS, Riphah University and Beacon House.

The nature of the projects we have experience varies from small to retail stores.

Likewise, big box stores, fast food chains, designer outlets, medical buildings to shopping centers, warehouses, office & institutes’ buildings.

Whether it’s a family-owned small to mid-sized business or a large company we have the capability, skills, and labor to effectively execute your commercial construction projects.

Further, our vast experience in the commercial arena is what we pride.

Our commercial construction services vary from tenant improvements, renovations, remodeling, interior, exterior finishing, office remodeling, tenant finishing to fresh or ground-up construction.

In our services, we offer pre-construction consulting, construction management, design-build services, and cost estimation services also.

AlHadiint specializes in commercial construction services for both large- and small-scale projects in Pakistan, especially in Lahore.

We work with a variety of clients, from small businesses to large companies to create workable spaces for businesses in our country.

In conclusion, take your business to the next level with modern design and smart technology solutions in our country.

At AlHadiint, we stay up-to-date on industry trends, local code requirements and the latest technology solutions and especially from LDA


Tyler Robinson